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“Mr. Bloodworth and his staff helped me work through the process of leaving and overcoming an emotionally and physically abusive relationship, while maintaining both the safety of my young daughter and myself. Mr. Bloodworth, Rachel, and Tina were not only professionally available but also personal and understanding of the difficult time I was going through. They took the time to explain and listen to me as well as help me understand the severity of my situation when fear dictated my thoughts and I had lost all sense of normalcy. My emails and calls were returned within hours (usually within the hour) and my questions were always thoroughly addressed and answers explained. Mr. Bloodworth and his staff stood by my side for over a year and I will forever be grateful for the integral part they played in ensuring the best possible outcome was achieved for me and my daughter.”

– Jessica Long, (as seen on Google+)

“As the father of an adult daughter whom I needed to rescue from an abusive relationship, I needed professional help. I can not thank Mr. Bloodworth and his staff enough. Experienced in these difficult affairs, where grandchildren are at stake, experienced in the delicate emotions of those involved and experience in the courtroom. Again, “Thank You.”
My advice, hire this law firm and follow their instructions and you will get through this.”

– Dave Brown, (as seen on Google+)

“If you are needing someone to understand and fight for true justice, Mr. Bloodworth and his staff are it. Going through a divorce is so hard, but I felt so supported throughout the whole process. The staff and Mr. Bloodworth answered any and every question I had and were patient with me through the long process. 5 years after my divorce, if I have a question they are quick to answer and help in any way they can. Thank you Mr. Bloodworth and Rachel for all you did for me and my daughter!”

– Rachel Wright (as seen on Google+)

“Mr, Bloodworth had helped mr with getting custody of my granddaughter and was amazing to our family and very aware of documentation in court, he cared so much for us as his client, Mr Bloodworth years ago helped us with a adoption and was awesome and that time and I will always use and recommend Mr, Bloodworth to friends and family!!!!!”

Jimmie and Christine (as seen on

“A job well done. He is very professional.keep you up to date, returns your calls, respond to your emails. I was telling my brother I had the best attorney one could ever have and he said I bet he not better than the attorney I had 23 years ago and I said what you wanna bet he said no way he is better than Mr Bloodworth in Huntsville(Tx) I jumped up and down yelling and screaming really!! Really!! I said that who I’m talking about, that’s my attorney, he is whom I’m talking g about and my brother said he is the best in the world. So I must tell you all if you want the best look no father because Mr Bloodworth and his team will let you tell them what you want them to do and they get the job done. I must say they schooled me and prepared me how and what to expect in a court room. The best attorney ever.”

Jacqueline (as seen on