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Big Trucks Cause Big Injuries…even Death

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a truck accident, then you know how horrible commercial truck accidents can be. The commercial trucking industry is a very heavily regulated industry because of the danger that these vehicles pose to the public on the roadways. The U.S. Department of Transportation statistics show that the maximum width for commercial motor vehicles is 102.36 inches, with a length of anywhere from 48 to 53 feet and a height of 13 to 14 feet. In Texas, the weight of the 18-wheeler is limited to 80,000 lbs. That is assuming that the truck is operating with no oversize or overweight permits. In comparison, the average U.S. automobile weighs only 5,000 pounds. A normal passenger vehicle such as a car or small pickup truck will normally take approximately 316 feet to come to a complete stop after recognizing the need to stop. In comparison, a semi-truck takes about 525 feet before it comes to a complete stop after recognizing the need to stop. The term “Commercial Motor Vehicle” includes eighteen-wheelers, dump trucks, box trucks, freight liners, bucket trucks and a vast array of other large vehicles, commonly referred to as “Big Trucks”. There are Federal and State laws that apply to specific types of commercial motor vehicles as well as to the trucking industry. Due to the potential for serious damage, the trucking industry is highly regulated. Truck drivers must follow a complete set of rules regarding the number of miles that they can drive in a day, the number of hours a day that the truck driver can travel and when they must take breaks. The large nature of commercial vehicles makes them a potentially dangerous object on the roadways. The magnitude of injury they can cause is much greater injury and damage than the typical automobile accident. However, meeting these high standards can cut into the profits of truck companies. Therefore, often those in the trucking industry attempt to bypass and avoid safety standards. Unfortunately, this “shortcutting” can lead to other motorists paying a high price when they are involved in a crash with such a Big Truck. These crashes resulting from trucker or trucking company “short cutting” safety regulations are illegal and the owner companies can be held liable (responsible) for this negligence; and ordered to pay for the damage they cause to you and your family.

Commercial Vehicles Have Higher Standards to Meet

Vehicle accidents are chaotic events. When 18 Wheelers or commercial trucks collide with automobiles, often the result is life-altering injuries and death. Due to this fact, truckers and trucking companies must be held to the absolute highest of standards when it comes to safety. Traffic collision cases involving 18-wheelers and other commercial motor vehicles are very different than the typical automobile collision cases. It is essential that you hire a knowledgeable tuck accident attorney who knows the law and has experience in handling trucking and commercial vehicle collision cases. Traffic accidents are chaotic events. When tractor trailers collide with automobiles, often the result is life-altering injuries and death. Because of this fact, trucking companies and their drivers must be held to the absolute highest of standards when it comes to safety. However, meeting such high standards can cut into the profits of truck companies. It is not uncommon for those in the trucking industry to attempt to skirt safety standards. Unfortunately, this can lead to other you and those you love, paying the price as victims of semi-truck crashes resulting from trucker or trucking company negligence.

Demand Accountability After an Accident

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You Need an Aggressive, Passionate, and Prepared Attorney

The Bloodworth Law Firm, P.L.L.C., aggressively advocates for the rights of survivors and the families of truck wreck victims who have been killed or severely injured by the negligence of 18-Wheeler and Commercial Trucks throughout Texas. You can speak with an experienced 18-Wheeler lawyer for free about your case by calling the Bloodworth Law Firm right now. We will make sure you know what your legal rights are and explore your options for bringing the big truck company and its driver to justice.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident with an 18-Wheeler or commercial truck you should understand that the truck company and its insurance company are already taking steps to protect themselves. It is not uncommon for the trucking companies to try to put the blame for the accident on you or your involved family members. You need your own lawyer to help you make sure that your rights are protected. We at the Bloodworth Law Firm, P.L.L.C., act quickly to investigate the accident and make sure that evidence is preserved. We have a whole team of experts at our disposal to download the “black box” information from the 18-Wheeler, and even reconstruct the accident if necessary to prove that you were not at fault and are the innocent victim of a negligent truck driver and/or his company.

Why Are Big Truck Accidents so Much More Serious?

There are many reasons 18-Wheeler/Commercial Truck collisions occur. One of those is truck driver error; the other major reason is the trucking company’s negligence. Remember tucks are very large vehicles. Even with an 18-wheeler weight limit, tractor trailer trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and stretch out as far as 75 feet long. In addition, trucks carry heavy cargo that, if not loaded properly, can throw off the balance of a vehicle that already has a high center of gravity that makes it more likely to overturn.

It is very difficult to control something that massive is difficult, especially at high highway speeds, on sharp turns or in bad weather. It takes a well-trained truck driver paying attention to the current driving conditions, and following all the trucking regulations and operating a vehicle which has been well maintained and serviced. If this has not been done, then the opportunity for the disaster of a truck accidents to happen greatly increased.

Commercial vehicle/18-Wheeler/Big Truck Accidents also can occur due to other negligent acts, such as: truck driver fatigue; distracted driving; a drunk or drugged truck driver; permitting an untrained or unlicensed driver to operate the commercial vehicle; not allowing or permitting the driver to get the legally required rest or violating other rules and regulations for commercial trucks; Improper or poorly maintained or serviced commercial trucks; improper inspection of the 18-Wheeler (or sometimes NO INSPECTION AT ALL). In addition to the above a truck driver must do what all other drivers must do: drive properly for the current road conditions. A truck driver must not speed, however often 18 Wheelers do speed because of fuel economy, and production demands by companies that goods be delivered on time. A speeding truck takes more time to stop, and if you are in the way of a speeding truck you could be killed.

Do Not Attempt to Represent Yourself

For Big Truck companies and their insurance companies, dealing with 18 Wheel/Commercial truck crashes is just “another day at the office.” You are just another number, to large law firms. Before the accident scene is even cleaned up the big truck company is already at work creating their defense. This defense usually involves trying to find fault with you and somehow make you responsible for the accident. This is the way “the system” works. You need a Big Truck Accident lawyer on your side, dealing with the negligent truck company and their insurance company. You can relieve yourself and your family from a lot of worry and stress by calling the Bloodworth Law Firm, P.L.L.C., and turning the whole incident over to us. If you try to take the big truck company on all by yourself, you are “rookie” going up against a “professional”. It’s like bringing a “knife” to a “gun fight.” You can be protected with excellent legal representation – call the Bloodworth Law Firm, P.L.L.C., today, right now, to put the Bloodworth Law Firm to work for you.

Big Law Firms are not necessarily the Best Law Firms – many people are persuaded that “bigger is better” when it comes to hiring a lawyer; this is not true! In a big law firm, you are just another statistic, just another client among hundreds, perhaps thousands. People who have hired the Bloodworth Law Firm after having been represented by some of these “big law firms” have reported to us that the “Big Law Firms” didn’t pay attention to them, they did not remember them and did not seem to care about their injuries, financial difficulties, and other problems resulting from the accident. Often these big firms didn’t inform these clients about the progress of their case(s), and did not help the client(s) understand how to answer questions in depositions or in court.

We at the Bloodworth Law Firm, provide personalized service to our clients. You are not “just another number” to the Bloodworth Law Firm. We treat our clients like family and partners. We even give our clients access to all filed or important documents in their case, through our “client portal.” Our clients can see exactly what the latest progress is on their case on any given day, without even calling our office. If a call to the Bloodworth Law Firm is necessary, we are dedicated to answer your questions and provide solutions to your problems in a fast, efficient, and caring manner. We are here to “help you not hurt you.”