Free Money – Never Have to Pay Back Your PPP Loan!

Many people know about the Paycheck Protection Program. But what many people do not know may PREVENT them from having the loan forgiven by the government. In this video I share a “secret” to helping you ensure that your PPP loan can be forgiven. This way you will never have to pay the money back!! [..]

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The COVID-19 Stimulus Check-Who’s Money Is It?

If you are divorced or separated and have minor children and are wondering which parent is entitled to the COVID-19 Stimulus funds check, you need to watch this video. Many parents are arguing over who has a right to the money. Just because you have the money does not mean you are legally entitled to [..]

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How Are Best Interests of the Child Defined?

In Texas, there are many factors that are considered by the Judge in accordance with the Texas Family Code, determine the “best interests of the child”.  This is the controlling standard in Texas for making Child Custody, Possession, and Support decisions.  Just because a Judge is a Judge, does not mean they can do whatever [..]

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