Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Conroe, Texas

Feeling intimidated at work because you are being victimized is problematic. While many of us face some teasing and good-natured joking at work, sexual harassment is neither entertaining nor should it ever be condoned. A violation of both federal and Texas statutes, sexual harassment should be reported immediately to your supervisor or someone in a position of authority at your place of work. There are two basic types of sexual harassment that occur in workplaces:

  • Quid pro quo – when a superior at work threatens to withhold promotions, fire you from your job or makes promises of advancement in return for sexual favors.

  • Hostile work environment – when your ability to feel confident in your work environment due to sexual advances by co-workers or other forms of intimidation including crude remarks directed at you that are sexual in nature are examples of a hostile work environment.

Combat Workplace Harassment

Fight for Your Rights

No one should ever have to tolerate unwanted sexual advances or face the possibility of having their job placed in jeopardy because they are unable to concentrate on their work because they are being harassed.

Victims of sexual harassment should carefully document incidents and make notation any time a witness to the harassment is present. Harassment should be reported to someone in a position of authority whenever possible; one reason for this is to protect your job. If your employer has failed to take action even after you have reported sexual harassment in a Walker County, Texas, Harris County, Texas or Montgomery County, Texas workplace, contact Bloodworth Law Firm, PLLC for help.