William is a warrior for his clients. He is one of the few real trial lawyers left in Texas. With a moral compass that remains dialed in, you never have to question whether you are adequately equipped for litigation when William is your attorney and/or co-counsel.


Even though Mr. Bloodworth and I only had a phone consultation, he generously and honestly provided me with the best advice I've received from any of the attorneys of which I've been in contact.


A job well done. He is very professional.keep you up to date, returns your calls, respond to your emails. I was telling my brother I had the best attorney one could ever have and he said I bet he not better than the attorney I had 23 years ago and I said what you wanna bet he said no way he is better than Mr Bloodworth in Huntsville(Tx) I jumped up and down yelling and screaming really!! Really!! I said that who I'm talking about, that's my attorney, he is whom I'm talking g about and my brother said he is the best in the world. So I must tell you all if you want the best look no father because Mr Bloodworth and his team will let you tell them what you want them to do and they get the job done. I must say they schooled me and prepared me how and what to expect in a court room. The best attorney ever.

Satisfied Client

Mr. Bloodworth is the best attorney in Huntsville! He and his staff work diligently and effectively to fight for their clients! I will hire Mr. Bloodworth for all my future legal matters! He e-mails his clients every document regarding their case- He provides Detailed billing ( I mean like every phone call and what was the contents of the conversation!) I am so thrilled there is someone in Huntsville who truly CARES about his clients!!! He may be "expensive" to some people's standards but he is WORTH EVERY PENNY! I hope I don't need a lawyer again but if so I look forward to working with Mr. Bloodworth!